Posted by: Erica Retrochef | March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day! Cherry Coconut Pie

I usually try my best to have recipes posted first thing Monday morning, but we didn’t eat this one until tonight in honor of March 14 (3/14)… pi day. If you don’t know what pi means, you just made your math teacher cry.

Cherry Coconut Pie. Drain 2 cups quick-frozen or canned red cherries, reserving juice. Dissolve 1 package Cherry Jell-O in 2 cups hot cherry juice and water. Chill 1-1/3 cups Jell-O until slightly thickened. Then whip as directed on package. Fold in 3/4 cup Baker’s Coconut and turn into baked 9-inch pie shell. Chill until firm. Add cherries to remaining Jell-O. Chill until slightly thickened. Pour over whipped Jell-O and chill until almost firm. Sprinkle with 3/4 cup coconut. Chill until firm.

The only “cooking” requirements are pre-baking the pie shell, and heating water with cherry juice to make the Jell-O. After that, it’s just mixing and waiting.

Well, there is a little bit of measuring.

This gets slightly tedious after a while. Mix, chill, mix, chill, mix, chill… the actual work required is minimal, but it takes a loooooooong time for everything to finish setting.

It does look pretty in the end, though. I like the contrast of different colored layers.

Since it is a refrigerator pie, it’s cool and refreshing, and would be a nice mid-summer dessert. But, there’s not much depth of flavor; cherry Jell-O is very sweet, which somewhat overwhelms the cherries and coconut. I think it might fall in the “some pie!” category recently suggested by Tom. Just skip the crust and make it a coconut cherry molded salad!

Recipe originally posted in Look Homeward, Harlot’s Flickr photostream. It’s a great source for “interesting” old recipes like this.



  1. On behalf of Tom (and his Dad)–thanks for the reference to the “Some pie!” story. Seems like that could be a whole category of “retro recipes,” actually… πŸ™‚

    • I have a shocking number of retro pie recipes bookmarked. A very high proportion of them are likely to be “some pie!” πŸ˜†

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