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I feel like I’ve had a lot of super-easy recipes on recently. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since it helps reflect the proliferation of ads that appealed to busy mothers (side note: not parents… just sayin’) and offered them quick and easy prep time, assisted by whatever amazing processed food corporations wanted you to buy. Plus, I actually am crazy busy this semester.

And this one has the additional benefit of fitting in with the internet’s obsession with All Things Bacon. (The salty meat product, not Kevin…)

Maplewich French Toast Sandwich

Mighty fine fare for fall mornings — and a perfect supper for the kids! Make French Toast your favorite way, put two slices together with crisp bacon between. Then — over this delicious “sandwich,” pour a golden stream of maple-rich Vermont Maid Syrup, a superb blend of finest maple and cane sugars.

I am going to take some issue with “perfect supper for the kids.” Obviously few children are going to turn down the chance to have french toast and bacon dripping with sugar, especially since it’s a “sandwich” and they can get away with using their hands instead of flatware to eat. But just because they will happily eat it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. They’d eat cake and ice cream for every meal if I let them. We have very different opinions about what’s “perfect.”

Although we do all agree that real Vermont maple syrup is better than blended stuff.


Quite simple, no?


Our favorite French Toast “recipe” is just mixing eggs and milk and a bit of cinnamon, as much as is needed to coat however many slices of bread we end up eating.

Fannie Merritt Farmer would heartily disapprove of my slapdash approach, but I’ve honestly never measured the milk or cinnamon. French Toast is a pretty forgiving dish.

(And almond milk is just fine to use instead of dairy!)


Kindergarten Boy was in a good enough mood this morning to help in the kitchen, and he thought this was a lot of fun to work on.


One of the best kitchen purchases we ever made was a nice non-stick electric griddle that can handle six slices of french toast (or, indeed, six pancakes) at a time. It makes breakfast-for-dinner a lot faster.


It can also handle a whole lot of bacon!


It shouldn’t be terribly surprising that this tasted good. It was a huge hit with the kids in particular. Sweet, bacony, and filling, it also conveniently puts all your breakfast ingredients into one sticky pile. The uptight tween took the time to cut her sandwich with knife and fork, but the kindergartener just picked it up. They are already badgering me to make it again!

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  1. As a kid we used to eat French Toast for dinner all the time because my brother was such a finicky eater and, well, it was CHEAP. This looks yummy and makes me think that I should have breakfast for dinner more often.

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