Posted by: Erica Retrochef | November 25, 2013

Egg and Potato Nests

I recently stumbled across a new (well, new-to-me) online stash of old recipe advertisements. Not only was it full of fun new retro recipes, the scans are mostly from Australian Women’s Weekly — a whole new range of brands that I’d never even heard of, and terrifying ways to use them.


Sunrise Eggs, for example, thought you should put eggs on anything and everything. Instant mashed potatoes, baked with an egg and cheese! Yum?


Line ovenproof ramekins with Deb (made to packet instructions). Drop an egg into the centre of each, grate cheese over, bake till eggs are set (about 15 min.). Serve in ramekins or on plates with vegetables.


Somewhat unusually, there was no particular cheese specified in the recipe. One of the kids declared that Swiss was definitely the best choice, and we figured, why not?


Instant mashed potatoes just need to be mixed with milk, water, and butter, then stirred. (Done.)


Breaking eggs into the ramekin nests took slightly more concentration… ok, not really all that much. The only way I really could have messed this up would be to drop the egg on the floor.


Having tasted the instant potatoes (and not terribly impressed by the experience), I grated a LOT of cheese onto the top. This was the last chance to make it taste good…


After about twenty minutes (I wanted to make sure the eggs were set — which in retrospect might have been a mistake), the potatoes/eggs had puffed up slightly and it looked like a cute little soufflé.

Even with generous cheese, however, these were not good. Potatoes and eggs are both bland and desperately need seasoning to punch up their flavor. Cheese can do that somewhat, but not when all alone and just lightly grated on top!


With lots of added salt, this rose to the level of “barely edible.” And it wasn’t even that fast, it took a whole fifteen minutes to bake. With really good mashed potatoes and some amazing cheese, it might be OK. As is? Nah.

Thanks to Vivat Vintage for sharing this 1964



  1. These sound amazing in theory.

  2. Sad! Maybe with bacon and lots of pepper?

  3. Cheddar. Swiss cheese IS the best, but this cried out for sharp cheddar. Maybe some tabasco sauce or salsa, lol.

  4. …yes. In theory, these should have been amazeballs. But, maybe with shredded frozen potatoes or something. And PEPPER AND SALT. I’m forever amazed at the recipes which completely eliminate seasonings… maybe this is why people were thinner, back in the day. No one wanted to eat anymore bland food than was absolutely necessary to sustain life…

  5. Long time lurker, first time commenter. Yes, sharp or smoked cheddar probably would have helped, but my answer to any bland food-related problems is Sriracha.

  6. I remember powdered mashed potato as being salty has hell, which is why I haven’t touched the stuff for years. Apparently the manufacturers have cut back on the salt, which is good from a health point of view, but must leave it completely tasteless.

  7. Use FRESH mashed potatoes, a kiss of salt, a zesty cheese, and a tasty seasoning blend and this dish will be a total mindblow

  8. Hi Erica,

    If you ever need to decipher Australian brands/ ingredients, just give me a shout. Taryn.xx

    • Thank you, that may come in handy soon! 🙂

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  10. Looks like a good use for good leftover smashed potatoes.

  11. […] Cool the potato nests for about 10 minutes and carefully remove them from the muffin cups. Place potato nests on a platter and spoon in 1 tablespoon of the chilled salmon and sour cream mixture into each nest. […]

  12. Another easy and tasty in theory one. For one, you MUST use butter or at least milk in making instant potatoes. Salt and pepper helps a lot. Water does nothing for them. You need some fat to make them taste like actual mashed potatoes.

    Swiss is too bland for an egg and potato-based dish. Throw some cheddar on these. Cook the eggs more to the consistency of over-easy, delicious sounding right there. If you want maybe throw some bacon bits on there.

    I could easily imagine a delicious version of this with tater tots mashed up or hash browns, eggs, bacon or sausage, and some delicious cheddar cheese and salt and pepper thrown together in a breakfast casserole and baked. How tasty does that sound?

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