Posted by: Erica Retrochef | December 2, 2013

Green Beans Vinaigrette

It’s the end of the semester. I’m exhausted. I need fast and easy meals, while still somehow retro-ing enough to publish once a week. So, today we’re going to sample one of the simplest recipes I have tried in a while. Let’s try…



1 can (1 lb.) DEL MONTE Brand Green Beans — Whole or Cut
2 tablesp. oil
2 tablesp. vinegar
1 tablesp. chopped parsley
1 tablesp. chopped pimiento
1 tablesp. DEL MONTE Sweet Pickle Relish
1/4 teasp. each salt and sugar
1 hard-cooked egg, grated

To serve cold, chill beans, drain well. Mix other ingredients; spoon on drained beans. To serve hot, heat beans, drain off liquid, add sauce to beans in pan and toss with 2 forks until hot. Serves 4. Delicious with hot or cold baked Canadian bacon or ham, or boiled tongue, etc.


I’ll be honest — I never, ever use canned green beans. It’s really easy to get frozen ones and steam them for a few minutes, and I don’t like the mushiness and slight tanginess of canned ones. So I am honestly very skeptical that any topping can salvage the beans.


The hardest thing to do was grate the hard-boiled egg. Have you ever tried to do that? No, probably not, because who in their right mind would want to grate an egg? Chop, sure. Grate, no.


Making a vinaigrette (of any kind) is easy. Put oil and vinegar in a bowl…


… and whisk. For, like, ten seconds, and you’re done.


Making a bizarre vinaigrette is also pretty easy: dump all sorts of weird things into your oil-vinegar suspension.


Hey, look, green-bean eggs and ham!

Bizarre-looking maybe, but this was good! I think I mostly enjoyed the vinaigrette, which was sour and sweet and made the beans interesting, but the chunky bits were also tasty. I also liked it on the ham, and ended up cutting my ham slices into small chunks and mixing everything together. I’m pleasantly surprised. What an easy way to make canned beans taste less bad!

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  1. My mom was an awful, dreadful cook so I had to learn to cook pretty young out of necessity. That or become an interesting case study for the local health department. One of the first recipes I found and followed was a green beans vinegarette from an unused “international” cookbook I found buried in a drawer. It was pretty much the same as this recipe but instead of pickle relish it had Dijon mustard for a more traditional dressing. It turned out great and became a staple in my diet until I learned more about cooking.

  2. This looks pretty tasty, although I’m amused by the liberal use of pickle relish in retro recipes.

    • I’m always enthusiastic about relish, in part because I have relatives who own a pickle relish factory. I visited it as a kid and had an amazing time, so relish always brings back happy memories.

  3. (I kinda like canned french-cut green beans – I used to eat cans of them when I was ‘dieting’, with just a touch of Italian dressing). This is a pretty old recipe that’s been around in one form or another for probably centuries! It looks pretty, thanks for posting.

  4. One point about managing boiled eggs which may or may not help… you can use a potato ricer to do the equivalent of grating/chopping them and it’s very fast. It’s not as pretty, but if you have one that has multiple settings, you can do them coarse or fine.

    I love this blog and am so grateful for your bravery!

    • That’s interesting. I had actually never known about potato ricers before your comment prompted me to search for them on Google. I’m sure I’d seen them, but I never knew what exactly they were used for.

  5. I’ve found that just adding a little vinegar to canned beans helps the flavor- and of course you can go all the way and do a salad.

  6. I think I’d just use the frozen ones, anyway. The dressing will work, either way, and it sounds like something I can enjoy, since I have to amp my protein.

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