Posted by: Erica Retrochef | May 25, 2015

Bacon & Olive Rolls

Welcome to picnic season, retro recipe readers!

If you’re thinking of bringing something unique to whatever family reunion or other outdoor gathering you’ve got coming up, think about Bacon & Olive Rolls.

1/2 lb thinly sliced bacon
4 dozen stuffed spanish olives
1 dozen hot rolls

Roll a thin strip of bacon around 2 olives. Place on the end of a sharp stick and broil over the campfire. Serve in hot rolls. If prepared at home, secure bacon around olives with toothpicks and broil.


This is a pretty decent picnic appetizer idea, really.


Even though it’s a little bit of work to wrap bacon around olives, it’s a simple approach.


Cook the bacon to get it a bit crispy and really bring out all that meaty, smoky goodness.


And then stuff it into rolls while ignoring that they look like little alien eyeballs inside some alien mouth.


Wow, these do look strange, don’t they?

They’re definitely attention getting. With a bit more work, this could be a really neat idea. Perhaps with a more bland and crusty bread, for example, to help alleviate some of the saltiness. (Or perhaps drink a lot of beer at the picnic.) Choose a bacon that is more smoky and meaty than salty (although thin is the most critical characteristic). Give it a try.

The Mad Vortex


  1. I think the slight sweetness of King’s Hawaiian rolls would be good too. May have to try this.

  2. This looks like salt overload! Bacon is good around things that juxtapose the bacon, like melon or shrimp. Maybe if you added some kind of lemony dipping sauce to add done balance?

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