Posted by: Erica Retrochef | October 5, 2015

Why there’s no cake today

You guys, I’m sorry.

I was going to post this cool chocolate cake recipe. Cake, filling, and frosting all from scratch. Delicious.

I baked the cake part Saturday, and then I couldn’t get it out of the pans.



I was tired and angry. I decided to try again Sunday. (Hey, still plenty of time to cook, taste, and blog!)

And then we got a 200 year rainfall event.


This is one of the roads leading out of my neighborhood.


This is the other road leading out of my neighborhood. (And my dog.)

And I was thinking to myself, hey, no problem. I can still cook.

But then they shut off the water. Which is realistically good, because the water mains are all in terrible shape and everything is contaminated. However, I can’t wash my dishes. And this cake takes, like, four bowls and all sorts of whisking and utensils.

So the good news is, we’re totally fine. We’re on a hill, our house is dry, we have emergency supplies to get us through and plenty of peanut butter for sandwiches. We are much better off than many of our neighbors, both nearby and across the state (and indeed along the East Coast, but my Facebook and news feeds are a bit biased right now).

The bad news is, there’s no cake.

Yeah, it’s not that bad.


  1. There will be plenty of time for cake tomorrow. Glad to hear your are safe!

  2. Oh dear! Stay safe and dry.

    • So far so good. I’m mostly grateful I always look at flood maps before moving somewhere, and choose accordingly!

  3. Just think ‘this too shall pass’. (I was without electricity for a week, amazing how we panic when things are disrupted!) Later: cake!

  4. Be well!
    While there’s life, there’s time… for cake and everything else. Now, maybe it’s time to sit and read! And eat the crumbly bits that stuck in the pan.

    And boy am I taking your flood-map-before-moving idea to heart!!!!!

  5. I’m a longtime reader but have never posted. Hope you’re doing well! Take care.

    • We’re still hanging in there! Thanks so much 🙂

  6. […] was going to be a fun cake recipe. And then there was a flood. So it’s still fun, but it’s also bizarre and memorable. If you are want to donate to […]

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