Posted by: Erica Retrochef | December 21, 2015

Mincemeat Filled Cookies

We’re finishing up our “mincemeat month” with what I originally thought was just a molasses cookie recipe, but upon closer reading does, in fact, have mincemeat in it. An interesting idea…


Molasses Filled Cookies

1/2 cup soft shortening
1/3 cup sugar
1 egg
2/3 cup Brer Rabbit Molasses
2 3/4 cup sifted flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup mincemeat

Cream shortening with sugar, add egg and molasses, beat well. Sift together flour, baking powder, salt, ginger, cinnamon. Add flour mixture; beat well. Wrap in waxed paper; chill.

Roll out 1/8 inch thick on lightly floured board. Cut dough with round cookie cutter about 2 inches in diameter. On bottom part of cookie, place about 1 teaspoon of filling, with a little of the liquid portion. Slash top of cookie to about 1/2 inch from sides. Pull back and place over bottom part and filling. Bake at 375°F. for 10 minutes. Makes 3 dozen filled cookies.


What’s most fun about making these cookies is that we’re using a Sunbeam Mixmaster. Retro cooking with a retro mixer!


The mixer is actually a modern remake of the classic Mixmaster design.


But its clever design feature of spinning the bowl for you while it mixes? I love that.


Even my Kitchen Aid stand mixer requires some bowl scraping now and then.


Oh yeah, back to the gingerbread…


I fancied up the recipe by cutting shapes in the top cookie instead of just slashes. If I’ve already gone to the trouble of rolling out dough, might as well make it really visually worthwhile.


These turned out to be a huge hit, both in our family and with friends who were lucky enough to share. It’s combination of two favorite holiday flavors: gingerbread and mincemeat. They play well together, both spicy and sweet, and make a delicious mid-winter cookie. If you like mincemeat and molasses cookies, these are a must-bake.

Both this and another molasses cookie recipe (and, actually, many other retro ad recipes) can be found on Hey, My Mom Used To Make That!


  1. There’s a great story about that Mixmaster. A few weeks ago, we went to breakfast with some friends; then both families were going to head down the street to a park. The kids from both families were swapping seats, and they had left me with nowhere to sit but a cramped back seat. So I decided to walk the four blocks to the park, and I started off.

    Halfway there, I passed what looked like a yard sale, and I love yard sales. I stopped, and the two cars following me stopped too. However, it turned out that it wasn’t actually a yard sale; a church was just giving stuff away for free! Among the stuff they had on hand was a sixtieth-anniversary edition Mixmaster, so I took it.

    • EEEEEE!!!!!! Score! 😀 …. These cookies look great, nice and old fashioned, like you might see them eating in a movie from the past. “Meet Me In St. Louis” or even “A Christmas Story”.

      • Those films give two very different views of Christmas nostalgia (although I love them both).

      • Oh, I do too! I think of mincemeat as a treat popular in the past. I haven’t had any, or seen it anywhere, in 50 years.

  2. I always thought my grandma had a KitchenAid mixer, but I’m pretty sure the bowl turned. Maybe I’ve remembered it as a KitchenAid and it was really a Sunbeam? Thank you for drawing all my childhood-in-the-kitchen-with-grandma memories into question! 😉

  3. Ooh! This looks like a real winner! I made gingerbread cookies yesterday, but never thought to add mincemeat. Mincemeat makes ALL THE THINGS better. Happy cookies!

    • It’s a surprisingly fantastic flavor combo. Definitely recommended!

  4. My mom made these every Christmas and the recipe came from the exact same add as pictured. They are double delicious. Thank you for posting this recipe.will be making these this Christmas and crying because it will remind me of my mom

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