Posted by: Erica Retrochef | October 9, 2008

Tijuana Hash

1967 Pilsbury Cookoff Tijuana Hash Recipe From 1967 (via Kitchen Retro) comes this week’s “exotic” recipe… Tijuana Hash.

1-1/2 cups Pillsbury’s Best All Purpose or Self-Rising Flour
3-ounce package cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup Land o’ Lakes Butter, softened,
15-ounce can Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash
1/4 cup chopped green pepper
1/4 cup chili sauce
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

Combine flour, cream cheese and butter in mixing bowl; mix until a dough forms. Press into 12 greased and floured muffin cups. Combine remaining ingredients except cheese in saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until heated through. Fill pastry. Bake at 425° for 12 to 15 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake 2 minutes longer, until cheese melts.

I don’t have a can of hash on hand (when the nuclear apocalypse comes, I’m gonna starve), and substituted ground turkey. It’s a good thing I don’t hold to the particular brand demands of these recipes, because I honestly don’t think Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash is in grocery stores anymore. (But then, I don’t go looking for corned beef hash in cans, so what do I know?)

Meat & stuff in the frying pan

I also had to make my own chili sauce. And it’s a good thing Buzz looked this up for me, because I was just thinking “hot sauce” but couldn’t really reconcile “hot sauce” and “1/4 cup”… that just can’t be healthy.

Substitutions: 1 cup tomato sauce + 1/4 cup brown sugar + 2 tbsp vinegar + 1/4 tsp cinnamon + dash of ground cloves + dash of ground allspice = 1 cup chili sauce

It tastes good, although I wouldn’t call it “chili”. So I will use that substitution as a scapegoat if things go wrong. It’s totally the faux chili sauce’s fault, man!

Anyhoooo… Once the filling was mixed, my daughter took a picture of it going into the little pie crusts she had made in the muffin pan. (She also took a few dozen out-of-focus pictures of her socks, the cat, a light bulb, the refrigerator, and a spoon. Thank goodness for digital.)

Put the filling into the mini pie crusts

And after a brief stint in the oven, they came out looking really delicious. (hehehe… they’re BAKED!)

SO BAKED... haha, it's a hash joke

This was the only point at which I ran into a snag — they didn’t really want to come out of the pan, despite adequate grease-and-flouring, and the crust was flaky and crumbled easily. On the left is what Pillsbury promises you’ll get, on the right picture is reality.

Tijuana Hash Should Look Like This Crumbs!

Actually, looking at them side by side, I’m in favor of mine. What did Pillsbury use for that crust, Play-Doh?

While there is merit to food’s visual appeal, I’m more interested in flavor — and this stuff tasted good. (I shouldn’t be surprised; this wasn’t created by a brand-name company’s Home Ec “expert”, it was sent in by a normal person.) I will absolutely make this again. The only change I could suggest is a firmer crust, or just foregoing the little pie shape altogether and serving it over rice (although teeny meat pies would be great for a potluck).

And we’ve got to do something about the name. “Little savory meat pies” and “Tijuana Hash” just aren’t logically compatible, are they?


  1. These were really quite good. The only problem might have been with the pastry dough. Plain meat pie pastry is blander than I like it.

    The name, on the other hand, is a total mystery. These were about as Mexican as Canada Dry.

  2. I was hoping for something totally different under the name “TJ hash!” Man, you really got my hopes up. (Maybe you could serve “little savory meat pies” AFTER the “TJ hash” part of the meal?)

  3. This post is from a bajillion years ago in internets time, but I’ve been having the nicest time looking through all your posts. This one stuck out to me especially, though, because my mother has a very similar recipe to it! It’s barbecue flavoured, though, and instead of making the crusts, you just smash Pillsbury grands into the muffin tins. We call ’em barbicups, and they are delish. This looks like a fun twist–I might have to try it sometime.

    • That actually does sound better, a nice buttery biscuit crust… I’ll have try that variation! 🙂

  4. Way late to the party, but the Mary Kitchen brand survives to this day. Not sure how many companies have owned it, but it endures.

  5. I know it’s been years since you posted this, but I wanted to say that I tried this the other day with roast beef hash in Pillsbury Grands biscuits rolled out thin and it was delicious!

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