Posted by: Erica Retrochef | November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

via saltycotton on Flickr


  1. I’ve never seen a bird so big it wouldn’t go into the oven, but I do remember my Mother cooking one that shouldn’t have come OUT of the oven!!!

    The first Thanksgiving meal we had at my Parents House, after my siblings and I were ALL married, some with kids, Mom decided we ‘needed’ the World’s Largest Turkey. She looked for, and FOUND a bird that weighed, 23.57 Pounds!! […odd that I remember the ‘tag weight’, but I digress!] She got up realllllly early, started the bird long and slow, then, hours and hours, and hours later, just when the bird was AT temp, fully rested, sliced, plated and [worst of ALL] tasted…it became the Prime Turkey of Family History

    That was, THE toughest, gamiest, foul tasting turkey I ever had the misfortune to place on my tongue. And since then, every Turkey Day since, over 25 years worth of ball games, Macy’s Parades, turkey comas and all, someone invariably asks my mom, “…Mom, did THIS turkey WALK to the market, or did it get a RIDE?!”

    She takes it in good stride, shudder and all at the thought of just HOW bad it was.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all the Retro – Lookers!

    • That brought a smile to my face to read… so many Thanksgiving memories are about food, but often the epic disaster dishes!

  2. I do a version of this Every. Single. Time. I preheat the oven but forget to take the middle rack out. When it’s time to load the 20+ pound bird into the oven, I have to stop, find a place to put the nekkid bird, grab the hot pads and take the rack out. It’s a rare Thanksgiving or Christmas that there is not a rack leaning against the shed outside to cool off from the oven!

  3. I’ve never had a problem cooking turkey, ever, but I’m not cooking for goor-mays here. I put mine in a baking bag, 2 or 2-1/2 hrs later, DONE! I saw an enormous turkey like in the picture, in the store yesterday – it cost over $50!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to you and your family, Erica – I am very thankful every week to read your retro recipes, makes me laugh!

  4. She looks 16, he looks 50, and so I’m not surprised the bird doesn’t fit in the oven- she’s not old enough to know better. Creepy.

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